(All scores are available for purchase. Contact Ryan for details.) 


Reflections (for Oboe and Piano) [2001]


To A White Daisy (for Cello and Piano) [2002]


Woodwind Trio (for Flute, Clarinet, and Bassoon) [2003]


String Quartet (Three Movements) [2003]


Brass Quintet (Three Movements) [2003]


Proud Music of the Storm (for Concert Band) [2005]*


Country Dance (for String Orchestra) [2006]


Endless Light (for 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, 2 pianos, vibraphone, and choral ensemble) [2007]

I. In Human Nature's West

II. Not Afraid to Know

III. Between the Spirit and the Dust

IV. Endless Light


Reflections on Amazing Grace (for 2 trumpets, euphonium, trombone and tuba) [2008]**


A Common Devotion (for Concert Band) [2009]***


Habanera d'Amore (for Piano, 2 violins, 2 violas, cello, and bass) [2010]

The Washington Grove March [2012]


I Could... (for MIDI instruments/soundtrack for an eBook) [2013]


Moderato (for String Quartet) [2013]


Rondo (for Brass Quintet) [2013]


Piano Trio (WORK IN PROGRESS for Violin, Cello, and Piano) [2013]



*commissioned by the Bowling Green Junior High School Bands (Bowling Green, OH)

**commissioned by Wendy Headley for the occasion of the retirement of Thomas R. Headley (Bowling Green, OH)

***commissioned by the Bowling Green Area Community Band (Bowling Green, OH)




Fill Me With Your Love (for SATB a cappella chorus and solist)


Amazing Grace (arr. for SATB a cappella chorus)


Psalm Suite (for SATB Chorus with solists, piano, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, and tuba) [2005]

I. Prelude

II. Psalm 54

III. Psalm 62

IV. Interlude

V. Psalm 131

VI. Psalm 96


Moonlight (for Men's Ensemble, Soprano Ensemble, and SATB Chorus) [2006]

Songs of Praise the Angels Sang (for SATB Chorus and Organ) [2006]*

Chanukah Prayer for Children (for SATB Chorus and piano) [2007]**

I'll Praise My Maker While I've Breath (for SATB Chorus and organ) [2007]


The Things That Haven't Been Done Before (for SAB Chorus and piano) [2010]***


The Things That Haven't Been Done Before (for SATB Chorus and piano) [2010]


In Nightly Stillness (for SATB Chorus, Treble Ensemble, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello) [2010]****


The Lobster-Quadrille (for SA Chorus and piano) [2010]*****

The Lobster-Quadrille (for SAB Chorus and piano) [2010]


Agnus Dei (for SA Chorus and piano) [2010]


Peace (for SSAA Chorus and piano) [2011]


Eli, Eli (SATB Chorus, piano and cello) [2011]


Chanukah Prayer for Children (arr. for SSA Chorus and piano) [2011]


In Nightly Stillness (arr. for SSA and SSAA Chorus, piano, and cello) [2011]


Prayer of St. Francis (SATB Chorus and Piano) [2011]


Little Lamb (SATB) [2011]

Little Lamb (SSAATTBB) [2011]


A Life of Song (for SSA Chorus, Piano, and Djembe) [2013] ******


*Graduating Anthem of Westminster Choir College of Rider University Class of 2006 (Princeton, NJ)

**Commissioned by Frank Abrahams for the Westminster Conservatory Youth Chorale (Princeton, NJ)

***Commissioned by KellyAnn Nelson Westgate and the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Middles School Choirs (Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, MI)

 ****Commissioned by Lyn Ransom and VOICES for the VOICES Chorale and St. Paul's Children's Choir (Princeton, NJ)

*****Winner of the 2010 Cincinnati Children's Choir Composition Competition (Cincinnati, OH)

******Commissioned by the Princeton Girlchoir in Celebration of their 25th Anniversary Season (Princeton, NJ)

Art Songs

A Clear Midnight (text by Walt Whitman; for Tenor and Piano) [2002]


One Word (for Tenor and piano) [2002]


From Where Have You Come? (for Soprano and 2 pianos) [2003]


Of Love and Nature (texts by Robert Frost; for Soprano and piano]

I. Nothing Gold Can Stay

II. To Earthward

III. Spring Pools


On the Wings of Angels (text by Chris Olson; for Tenor, Men's Chorus, and piano) [2006]


A Prayer (text by Sara Teasdale, for Mezzo Soprano and Piano) [2006]


Boys vs. Girls (lyrics by Paul Epply-Schmidt; for Male and Female soloists, Piano) [2013]


God Makes Eve (lyrics by Paul Epply-Schmidt; for two men and piano) [2013]



Songs (Pop Style)

Diana's Song [1997]


Song for Grandma [1999]


Sometimes [2000]


Don't Run [2001]


Sitting at a Piano Tonight [2001]


All That Matters to Me [2001]


One [2001]


Fallin' For You [2002]


Picture Booth [2002]


Thank You [2002]


Kiss You [2002]


Sailing Song [2002]


Fill Me With Your Love [2003]


On That Day [2004]


Your Eyes [2006]


When the Rain Begins to Fall [2007]


Come to the Water [2007]


Noel [2008]


The Glory of the King [2008]


Macedonia [2010]


He's There [2010]


You Showed Me [2010]


Hide Yourself in Me [2010]


Going Off to Sleep [2011]; lyrics by Ira Nesterova


On This Holy Night [2011]


Another Forty Years [2012]



A Fast Little Waltz [1995]*


English Dreamer [1996]*


Soaring [1997]*


A Winter's Day in the Rockies [1998]**


A Night's Dream [1999]*


The Tap Dancin' Piano Rag [2000]*


Three 12-Tone Pieces [2004]

I.Dum Dee Dum

II.Doo Dee Doot

III.Dit Doom Digga


Preludes in F [2004]







Prelude for the RH Alone [2007]

Habanera d'Amore (Four Hands) [2008]


Abbe and Gigi [2008]


Degabah! [2008]


A Life Remembered [2010]


A Lovely Rose [2010]


Angels Singing [2010]


Ballad of a Broken Wrist for RH Alone [2010]


Baroque Prelude [2010]


Baroque Two-Step [2010]


Bercuese for Beatrice [2010]


Bittersweet Memory [2010]




Changing Time [2010]


Childhood Dream [2010]


Chorale and Variations [2010]


II.Variation I

III.Variation II

IV.Variation III

V.Variation IV

VI.Variation V


Chromatic Waltz [2010]


Cinco Ocho [2010]


Cowboy Blues [2010]


Crossing Over [2010]


Dancing Goblins [2010]


Deutschlandwerke [2010]


Duisberg Boat Ride



Es Regnet im Rosegarten


Im Michel

Chorale (on the Brahms Piano)

American Sunset


Duet (Four Hands)[2010]


Gallop [2010]


Gentle Snowfall [2010]


Gigue [2010]


Goodbyes [2010]


The Happy Harpist [2010]


The Happy Hippo [2010]


Hoedown Hop [2010]


In a Meadow [2010]


Irish Jig [2010]


Island Romance [2010]


I've Got Good News [2010]


Japanese Garden [2010]


Jazz Prelude for the RH Alone [2010]


Little Dance [2010]


Little Prelude [2010]


Locked Out/Here Comes the Smoke Monster! [2010]


Longing [2010]


Lullaby for Ethan [2010]


Melting Away [2010]


Mixed Emotions [2010]


Modal Studies [2010]

I.Ionian Study

II.Dorian Study

III.Phrygian Study

IV.Lydian Study

V.Mixolydian Study

VI.Aeolian Study

VII.Locrian Study


Modes a la Mode (Modal Studies for the Early Intermediate Pianist) [2010]

I.Little Ionian Study

II.Little Dorian Study

III.Little Phrygian Study

IV.Little Lydian Study

V.Little Mixolydian Study

VI.Little Aeolian Study

VII.Little Locrian Study


The Molar Express [2010]


Nocturne [2010]


Nocturne in a minor [2010]


Nocturne in g minor [2010]


The Olympic Spirit [2010]

I.Figure Skating

II.Downhill Skiing

III.Dream of Gold


Paco the Taco [2010]


Passacaglia [2010]


Peaceful River [2010]


Pirate Dance [2010]


Preludes for the Piano [2010]

I.Prelude in C Major

II.Prelude in c minor

III.Prelude in D-Flat Major

IV.Prelude in c# minor

V.Prelude in D Major

VI.Prelude in d minor

VII.Prelude in E-Flat Major

VIII.Prelude in e-flat minor

IX.Prelude in E Major

X.Prelude in e minor

XI.Prelude in F Major

XII.Prelude in f minor

XIII.Prelude in G-Flat Major

XIV.Prelude in f# minor

XV.Prelude in G Major

XVI.Prelude in g minor

XVII.Prelude in A-Flat Major

XVIII.Prelude in g# minor

XIX.Prelude in A Major

XX.Prelude in a minor

XXI.Prelude in B-Flat Major

XXII.Prelude in b-flat minor

XXIII.Prelude in B Major

XXIV.Prelude in b minor


Preludes for the RH Alone [2010]

I.Morning Melody

II.A Lazy Afternoon



Regret [2010]


Remembrance [2010]


Rockin' Rangers Rag [2010]


Something Like A Dream [2010]


Sonatina No.1 in G Major [2010]





Starflight (Four Hands) [2010]


Suite in G Major [2010]



III.Allemande II






Tanzen [2010]


Thinking of You [2010]


Tootsie Roll Rag [2010]


Untitled [2010]


Waltz in B-Flat Major [2010]


Wedding Bells (Four Hands) [2010]


Weeping Willow [2010]


Whole-Tone Study [2010]


Winter Morning Melody [2010]


Winter Nights [2010]


Wintersong for RH Alone [2010]


Bittersweet [2011]


Scherzo [2011]


Ghosts of Vienna [2011]


Sonata No. 1 [2011]

I. Andante

 II. Minuet

 III. Scherzo


A Lasting Legacy [2011]


Waltz (for four hands) [2011]


Morning Rain [2012] 


One for Jen [2012]


Charlotte's Song [2013]


Riding High (for four hands) [2013]


Rhythmic Prelude (WORK IN PROGRESS) [2013]


It's a Small World Variations (WORK IN PROGRESS) [2013]


 *Rosette Winner, Toledo Symphony League's Showcase of the Arts (Toledo, OH)

**Rosette Winner, Toledo Symphony League's Showcase of the Arts (Toledo, OH); Published in Piano Explorer Magazine